Once more we were invited to curate all Urban Art actions at the 2th edition of FUSING Culture Experience, that took place between the 14th and 16th of August, at Figueira da Foz.

We invited Pantónio to paint a 400m2 wall, the romanians Saddo and Aitch to paint both sides of a tower, Tamara Alves to paint several doors of the city, Robert Panda to spread his Estupidos inside the enclosure, André Fernandes Trindade to paint a wall inside arts garage, Colectivo RUA to paint three containers that were the gantry of the festival and Uivo to paint some doors for Posca action. 

This time, we also we invited the talented photographer Miguel Oliveira and his POINT and SHOOT, to catch all moments, from day zero to the day after Fusing.


10559814_713557948692502_2932501185355663276_nTamara Alves

10577010_713567275358236_3244735015291876902_nRobert Panda

10570489_713558702025760_4731645195465316434_nColectivo RUA




Uivo (for POSCA experience)

More photos here.

WOOL for others | Fundão

Under WOOL’s invitation, Nespoon returned to Fundão to end all the work she started past May, as we have already noticed.

Between the 29th of July and the 5th of August, while Festival Cale was taking place in the streets of Fundão, she took care of a facade of a building located in one of the entrances of the city, creating a giant and greatest piece, with stencil loaded with traditionalism ‘crochet’. She also made an installation with the help of all the old ladies of the villages surrounding Fundão and placed in the streets the ceramic pieces she produced past May.

10513476_704426959605601_2821963061447312631_n 10542815_704883142893316_152901361494324769_n 10574447_705829896131974_4466386340109878938_n 1932255_705829962798634_3375718607077371076_n 10524346_705829939465303_3992151620840786050_n 16010_705830056131958_7286120654097076159_n 10556481_705830019465295_3448264744312200464_n

10574301_706782659370031_8286354182518342777_n994444_706782816036682_2631361822195832407_n10370801_706782859370011_1677979992741876093_n 1975021_706782722703358_4417332860054270666_nMore photos here.

LATA 65 @ Festival Walk&Talk

The Walk&Talk Festival invited us for their 4th edition. The Walk&Talk is a public art festival that takes place in the island of São Miguel, Azores. It counts with artists from all over the world to create a route of site-specific instalations, with goal of creating relations with space, culture and local communities. A trully outdoor museum.

LATA 65, was invited by Walk&Talk to be present at the festival for a workshop, between 21th and 22th of July, with the old local community. The result was a big magic wall made by a 15th group of happy old people.

10382143_434167590058476_1258272005190557253_n 10577064_434160770059158_2958687424046503212_n 10501903_435461603262408_2945955659463957729_n 10527645_434165713391997_5195607181995377180_n 10325323_434691916672710_2253390879810155450_n 10349872_434691920006043_6457619255839680154_n 10492072_434691936672708_858222377619297175_n 10580120_434692176672684_864235754581020302_n 10492209_434692240006011_4791136500606724937_n 10385411_435458279929407_8222592813270165310_n 10483937_435458276596074_5718134334371784013_n


More photos here.

WOOL supports Zarajos Deluxe Festival ’14

WOOL is partner of ZARAJOS DELUXE, a festival of contemporary art in public spaceS, that takes place in the ancient village of Cuenca, Spain, in order to rehabilitate what once was one of the greatest centers of contemporary art.

The 2nd edition of Zarajos Deluxe festival, had WOOL’s collaboration on artistic curatorships, which resulted in the choice of the artist SAMINA to intervene on Cuenca’s walls.

10403328_701565956558368_7362899655235100214_n 10492550_701565996558364_2009580850132849529_n 10500293_701565959891701_4407000879066547911_n 10534129_704622069586090_2806276886077012162_n 10253834_702857299762567_3489442763756461268_n 10474258_704622099586087_7409154250081844055_n 10533106_704624336252530_714541126746298023_n 10511132_704919466223017_5013068580733038706_n 10590582_704919436223020_1432376481508429740_n

More photos here.

WOOL @ 1st communion GERADOR

WOOL was invited to be one of the partners of Gerador, a platform of action and communication of the portuguese culture, whose goal is to promote and create disclosure spaces for it.

At 26th of july, WOOL was invited to be present at the 1st communion of Gerador,a celebration of the first edition of their magazine, where also WOOL was theme of an article written by Lara Seixo Rodrigues.

At the event, all the people present was requested to answer the question: How to do culture for  all people nowadays?

10462778_696350933746537_5067185429206083208_n 1909828_699148293466801_6743177509253575381_n 10409115_699148343466796_8728144671405873459_n 10525752_699148286800135_3224271302059591131_n 10525822_699151933466437_5162234414317896529_n 14904_699151956799768_1299832291922562204_n 10505302_333456333485173_5865130015100540033_n 10500569_703385436376420_2350439365832383180_n



In the past day 1st of August was launched at Tunisia the project DJERBAHOOD, which aims to become the truly and only open air museum. It counts with 150 artists all over the world, between those the Portuguese’s: Pantónio, Add Fuel, Mário Belém e Arraiano.

DJERBAHOOD is the most recent project of Itinerrance Gallery (Paris), after the success of Tour Paris 13, and pretend to take during this summer thousands of artists of thirty different nationalities, to the authentic and traditional village of Erriadh, right in the center of Djerba island transforming it into a space of multicultural expression. As Mehdi Ben Cheikh, the mentor of the project, explains, ‘a new adventure, a new movement to a country in formation’.

At the invitation of Itinerrance Gallery, as occurred at the Tour Paris 13 project, Lara Seixo Rodrigues (WOOL) took with her, between the 7th and 15th of July, some of the stand out urban artists of our country to ‘live their distinctive marc in a memorable artistic project. But above all, also take advantage of a unique and memorable experience, both the interaction between artists as the experience of a culture and daily sharing with local and traditional community, as a singular moment in history’.

djerbahood - cartaz

Erriadh, which means in Arabic neighbourhood (pun which the project name appears), is one of the oldest towns of Tunisia, which has kept its authenticity of narrow streets and preserved its typical architecture of ‘Houch’ (homes that are constituted by a courtyard around which are distributed local rooms and other social sharing), always painted white and decorated with doors and windows blue.

Erriadh is also the first Jewish village, which houses the oldest synagogue in North Africa and the second in the world. Other peculiarities is that the Muslim and Jewish communities are everywhere and socialize, always in a peaceful environment, while remaining true to their traditions, but always welcoming foreigners with kindness, here designated only by ‘non-djerbianos’.

djerbahood - add fuelAdd Fuel

djerbahood - arraiano


djerbahood - mario belem

Mário Belém

djerbahood - pantonio


More photos here.

WOOL @ ‘Lisbon Street Art & Urban Creativity International Conference’

On the 3rd of july, our co-founder Lara Seixo Rodrigues was one of the speakers at the ‘Lisbon Street Art & Urban Creativity International Conference’, presenting ‘The WOOL – Covilhã Street Art Festival as an instrument of (community) transformation’.




WOOL @ Conferência “A Relação da Arte Urbana com o Mercado da Arte em Portugal”

WOOL estará hoje representado na Conferência “A Relação da Arte Urbana com o Mercado da Arte em Portugal”, na Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa.


A conferência “A relação da arte urbana com o mercado da arte em Portugal”, tem como objectivo compreender de que forma artistas urbanos e agentes do mercado da arte vêm a existência da arte urbana no mercado da arte.

Estarão presentes dois artistas urbanos, SLAP e Miguel Januário, e dois agentes do mercado da arte, Lara Seixo Rodrigues e Rita Sá Alves, que darão a conhecer a sua opinião relativamente à temática em questão. Pretende-se apresentar diferentes olhares sobre este tema tão controverso e pouco explorado, através das considerações dos participantes sobre pontos como a passagem de intervenções realizadas no contexto urbano para a galeria, a posição do artista perante o mercado, a existência de um mercado direccionado para a arte urbana em Portugal, o papel do agente ou o perfil do comprador.

15h – Apresentação e contextualização da conferência

15h10 – 1ª PARTE – O olhar do artista
– Slap
– Miguel Januário
– Debate
16h10 – Intervalo
16h30 – 2ª PARTE – O olhar do agente
– Lara Seixo Rodrigues
– Rita Sá Alves
– Debate
18h – Encerramento

IHA- Instituto de História da Arte (Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa)
Marta Simões
Sara Eugénio

WOOL ON TOUR 5 @ LXFactory

O WOOL | Festival de Arte Urbana da Covilhã, assentou no LX Factory há cerca de 2 anos e é hoje, indiscutivelmente, o principal rosto da Arte Urbana neste pólo criativo da capital. Nesta 5ª edição do WOOL ON TOUR, as paredes voltam a ganhar destaque e a Arte Urbana apresenta-se no seu contexto natural.

Para o 12º openday do LX Factory, convidámos Mariana Dias Coutinho, Neberra, Tamara Alves, Tinta Crua, Uivo e David Antunes, cinco artistas com distintas e bastante próprias linguagens, técnicas e imagens, para darem vida a diversas paredes com o selo de qualidade do WOOL e se juntarem à longa lista de talentos nacionais que esta plataforma artística já difundiu em solo português e não só.

O processo e resultados poderão ser acompanhados ao vivo e a cores ou em www.woolfest.org.

(English version scroll down)

mariana neberra tamara

tinta cruauivodavid

O WOOL | Festival de Arte Urbana da Covilhã, seated in LX Factory 2 years ago and it is today, undoubtedly, the main face of urban art in this creative hub of Lisbon. In this 5th edition of the WOOL ON TOUR the walls will be again the spotlight and the urban art shows itself in its natural context.

For the 12th LX Factory openday we invited Mariana Dias Coutinho, Neberra, Tamara Alves, Tinta Crua, Uivo e David Antunes, five artists with distinct and rather own languages, techniques and images, that will give life to several walls with the quality seal of WOOL, joining the long list of national talents that this artistic platform already spread around the country and not only.

You can follow all the process and results live or at www.woolfest.org.