WOOL for others | BOIDOBRA (covilhã)

 ‘Muralidades’, is a youth initiative project, sponsored by the Beira Serra in partnership with Wool – Urban Art Festival in Covilhã and Parish of Boidobra and funded by Youth in Action Programme.

The guest artist for this workshop was gonçaloMAR and the 10 young people who participated in this action, aged between 14 and 20 years, had the opportunity to intervene walls of an underpass in order to reclassify it and make it a point of interest in the parish.

The workshop consisted of a theoretical introduction and many hours of practice on the walls. During the five days that lasted the project we worked together (artist, organization, members and participants) on the two walls of the underpass of Boidobra.

On one side, a mural of Gonçalo Mar inspired by the legend of Boidobra (background, with patterns in black and white, was carried by all). On the other side, the first paintings of the participants in which from now will be “HALL of FAME” (free wall painting) of Boidobra.

A message to participants: Thank you all for these days of socializing and we have to see your paintings when we pass the ounderpass. You know, now more than ever, have the “freedom to create”.

mar (1) mar (2) mar (3) mar (4) mar (5) mar (7)mar (6) mar (8) mar (10) mar (11)mar (12)mar (14) mar (15)mar (18) mar (19)mar (20) mar (21)mar (23)Produced by WOOL / Formas Efémeras to BEIRA SERRA – Associação de Desenvolvimento and parish of Boidobra (Covilhã)

all pics by: Pedro Seixo Rodrigues

2013.07.30 – 08.02

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