LATA 65 | OPLX 02 – Benfica

The second act of LATA 65 – urban art workshop for seniors, financed by the Orçamento Participativo de Lisboa – 2013 (Lisbon Participatory Budget), took place at Benfica between the 26th and 27th January.

Lata65_26e27Jan_005 Lata65_26e27Jan_023 Lata65_26e27Jan_039 Lata65_26e27Jan_052 Lata65_26e27Jan_054 Lata65_26e27Jan_062 Lata65_26e27Jan_087 Lata65_26e27Jan_097 Lata65_26e27Jan_099 Lata65_26e27Jan_113 Lata65_26e27Jan_117 Lata65_26e27Jan_128 Lata65_26e27Jan_130 Lata65_26e27Jan_133 Lata65_26e27Jan_156 Lata65_26e27Jan_169 Lata65_26e27Jan_159

Photos by Rui Gaiola | WOOL

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