WOOL for others | Fundão

Under WOOL’s invitation, Nespoon returned to Fundão to end all the work she started past May, as we have already noticed.

Between the 29th of July and the 5th of August, while Festival Cale was taking place in the streets of Fundão, she took care of a facade of a building located in one of the entrances of the city, creating a giant and greatest piece, with stencil loaded with traditionalism ‘crochet’. She also made an installation with the help of all the old ladies of the villages surrounding Fundão and placed in the streets the ceramic pieces she produced past May.

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10574301_706782659370031_8286354182518342777_n994444_706782816036682_2631361822195832407_n10370801_706782859370011_1677979992741876093_n 1975021_706782722703358_4417332860054270666_nMore photos here.