WOOL curating FUSING

And this summer we saw WOOL divided into different cities at the same time! While Pantónio was at Fundão, working in several walls at ‘Festival Cale’ (something you gonna see next), we were also at Figueira da Foz, curating all the urban art actions at Fusing Culture Experience festival!

We spent there 10 days, working in 5 different walls through all city, with Mário Belém, Add Fuel, Kruella d’Enfer, Eime and a special guest, Samina!

Master Corleone was there also painting a Mini and Eime managed to give a stencil workshop!

But after 2 months we still not have the final pics of the walls (sorry!)… sooooo, we gonna leave you with lot’s of pics of the working process, that we had the pleasure to share with a lot of talented guys, like FAHR 021.3, Ana Aragão, and our lovely assistents! =)

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