WOOL @ Google Art Project

and it’s with great pride that we announce that from this moment the WOOL is partner of the Google Art Project and all platforms that are being launch today !!

With us we take also 147 projects, 8 national and international cities, 40 portuguese artists and 16 international artists !!

You can check it all here: https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/collection/wool-festival?hl=pt&projectId=art-project

Our thanks to all who believe in this project, which today stands out as the big platform for the promotion and enhancement of the Portuguese Urban Art! <3

WOOL @ GOOGLE art project

Tour Paris 13 | the book

We know this is not from this new year, not even 2014, but finally we received our copy of the book TOUR PARIS 13, reporting all rooms transformed by the 105 artists and all the good moments we passed out there!

IMG_0265 IMG_0266 IMG_0267 IMG_0268 IMG_0270 IMG_0272

Day 05 I ARM Collective

Monday was the day to take out the scaffoldings, change some of the public lights, make the last retouches and… finally, view the mural in his full splendour.

After dinner we had the talk with the artists at the foyer of the Teatro-Cine. Every question was answered and we were able to know a little bit more about the history and the imaginary world of the ARM Collective. We finish with a visit to the building to exchange opinions about the intervention.

more pictures here

Day 04 I ARM Collective

That was on sunday. We worked hard, until 4:30 am, but ARM Collective achieve the goal and finished their work. 4 facades of an old building in the old town of Covilhã.

One old man that pased by told us with a smile in his face: “You are sinners, you shouldn’t work on Sunday” and finished with a “great work, congratulations, something like this was needed here”. I think that this kind of reactions make the day of all of us.

Soon we will post pictures of the final work, without the scaffoldings.

more pictures here


Day 03 I ARM Collective

Yesterday the ARM Collective started to work also in the other walls of the building. The piece is getting bigger and better every hour that goes by.

Today they will continue, but only after a morning brake and a fast visit to the Beira Interior region. You will find us again near Santa Maria church from 15:30 p.m. We’re expecting for your visit!

LOCAL for ARM collective

É este o edifício que reservámos para os ARM collective, bem ao lado da emblemática Igreja de Santa Maria, em pleno centro histórico da Covilhã.