WOOL @ Festival IN

LXFactory, the creative complex where we are based in Lisbon, invited us to represent them at FESTIVAL IN – inovação e creatividade, that happened past days. And we took there a lot of art and paint and spray! To show just a bit of what we have been doing the past 2 years!

We had represented there a bit of the projects made at Covilhã, Lisbon, Coimbra, Figueira da Foz, Fundão, Boidobra, Paris and our project LATA 65. But the best part was the had with us Samina, Add Fuel, Tamara Alves, José Carvalho and Hugo Makarov, showing a bit of their magic!

Thanks a lot to all that came to visit us, to meet us and to all that just passed by and loved our work! <3

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WOOL at BEmag (fr)

Two months ago we manage a meeting between a group of portuguese street artist, that inclued Gonçalo Mar, Hugo Makarov, Mário Belém and Paulo Arraiano, with  the french journalist Chloé Aeberhardt. Yesterday, the result of the 2 articles, saw the light of day. Here is the first one for BEmag.