extra WOOL - PROMO 02SAMINA is the first highlight of this EXTRA WOOL!

He will work in the historic city center (Rua das Portas do Sol No. 87) and there he will leave his unique brand, a work that looks for different and exciting ways to express his vision of space and that constantly challenges the technique of stencil, resulting in complex and exciting works, which also reflect the conflict between the rigid geometry and natural way of being human.

A work that beacon from its roots in architecture, his interest in graphic design and years of constant search for something new on the streets of Lisbon.

Since 2010, he has collaborated with countless artists in several outstanding projects that took place in countries like Spain, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Turkey and India.

PT | SAMINA é o primeiro dos destaques deste EXTRA WOOL!

Ele irá trabalhar bem no centro histórico da cidade (Rua das Portas do Sol nº 87) e por lá deixará a sua marca única, um trabalho que procura diferentes e empolgantes formas de expressar a sua visão de espaço e que permanentemente desafia a técnica do stencil, resultando em obras complexas e emocionantes, que reflectem igualmente o conflito entre a geometria rígida e a forma natural do ser humano.

Um trabalho que se baliza entre as suas raízes na Arquitectura, o seu interesse pelo Design Gráfico e os anos de constante procura de algo novo pelas ruas de Lisboa.

Desde 2010, colaborou com inúmeros artistas em vários projectos de destaque que decorreram em países com Espanha, França, Países Baixos, Brasil, Turquia e Índia.


And between the 19th and 25th of october we return no Covilhã with EXTRA WOOL, just to do what we love with 2 of the best: Pantónio and SAMINA !! Stay tuned because we’ll be posting all the information the parallel activities!

a huge thanks to HomemBala for the promo video!

WOOL @ Google Art Project

and it’s with great pride that we announce that from this moment the WOOL is partner of the Google Art Project and all platforms that are being launch today !!

With us we take also 147 projects, 8 national and international cities, 40 portuguese artists and 16 international artists !!

You can check it all here: https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/collection/wool-festival?hl=pt&projectId=art-project

Our thanks to all who believe in this project, which today stands out as the big platform for the promotion and enhancement of the Portuguese Urban Art! <3

WOOL @ GOOGLE art project

Tour Paris 13 | the book

We know this is not from this new year, not even 2014, but finally we received our copy of the book TOUR PARIS 13, reporting all rooms transformed by the 105 artists and all the good moments we passed out there!

IMG_0265 IMG_0266 IMG_0267 IMG_0268 IMG_0270 IMG_0272

WOOL supports Zarajos Deluxe Festival ’14

WOOL is partner of ZARAJOS DELUXE, a festival of contemporary art in public spaceS, that takes place in the ancient village of Cuenca, Spain, in order to rehabilitate what once was one of the greatest centers of contemporary art.

The 2nd edition of Zarajos Deluxe festival, had WOOL’s collaboration on artistic curatorships, which resulted in the choice of the artist SAMINA to intervene on Cuenca’s walls.

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More photos here.

WOOL @ Festival IN

LXFactory, the creative complex where we are based in Lisbon, invited us to represent them at FESTIVAL IN – inovação e creatividade, that happened past days. And we took there a lot of art and paint and spray! To show just a bit of what we have been doing the past 2 years!

We had represented there a bit of the projects made at Covilhã, Lisbon, Coimbra, Figueira da Foz, Fundão, Boidobra, Paris and our project LATA 65. But the best part was the had with us Samina, Add Fuel, Tamara Alves, José Carvalho and Hugo Makarov, showing a bit of their magic!

Thanks a lot to all that came to visit us, to meet us and to all that just passed by and loved our work! <3

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WOOL @ TOUR PARIS 13 (the project)

Some months ago we (specifically Lara Seixo Rodrigues) received an invitation to lead some portuguese art to a special and secret project!

After 6 months from our 1st visit to Paris, we can finally reveal all about TOUR PARIS 13, a project of the Mairie du 13e, coordinated by Mehdi Ben Cheikh, Director of GALERIE ITINERRANCE, which promotes numerous artists since years Urban Art and, for months, managed to keep secret, all-volunteer all participants.

A total of 4.500m2, divided by 10 floors (36 flats) that compound this tower, located in one of the most dynamic neighborhoods of the city of Paris (has as neighbors the National Library of France and Les Docks – Cité de la Mode et du Design) they simply awaited their destruction, as part of a modernization project of the city council, became a colossal temporary museum of Street Art, open to all for free and without commercial approach, as a tribute to this type of art that is gaining ground in the cities.

The selection of artists, who were given complete freedom of action in walls, ceilings and floors, in complete harmony with the essence of the movement of Urban Art, fell mostly on emerging countries in the international Street Art, particularly Latin America and the Middle East and European level, about Italy and Portugal.

The invitation to Lara Seixo Rodrigues, in January 2013, for the creation of a Portuguese Urban Art entourage, resulted in challenging a group of artists, which “aims to contain multiple generations and souls of Street Art and retract from the graffiti to stencil, going through all the gestures, languages, and / or techniques commonly referred to post-graffiti with more contemporary influences figurative illustration. Accepted the challenge by all, were four the number of ‘pilgrimages’ to the number 5 Rue Fulton (between April and August), where gradually the interventions (in alphabetical order) ADD FUEL, CORLEONE, EIME, KRUELLA D’ENFER, MAISMENOS, MAR, MÁRIO BELÉM, PANTÓNIO, PAULO ARRAIANO, SAMINA and VHILS have been occupying fully and strategically, stylistic criteria to guarantee the legitimacy of their individuality, the 2nd floor of the TOUR PARIS 13.

The “floor of the Portuguese” as affectionately surnamed and “hinge point to reach the success of this project”, as the mentor Mehdi Ben Cheikh, share the tower with other interventions of major international artists as: C215, Inti Castro, Alexöne, Orticanoodles, David Walker, Baglione, Stinkfish, Sean Hart or Speto, among many others.

The TOUR PARIS 13 is also an unprecedented transmedia project, visual and audible, engaging and collaborative, which gives power to the Internet through the website dedicated to the project – www.tourparis13.fr – on this adventure ephemeral Street Art, which disappear totally under the rubble of demolition.

The TOUR PARIS 13, more than a final object, is a process and a rare creative experience, that will be the subject of a documentary by Thomas Lallier for France Ô in co-production with La Blogothèque. In it they will portray the arrival, the appropriation of spaces, ideas and questions, and especially the determination of artists in building all this ephemeral universe. The filming which commenced in March 2013 will end with the capture of the demolition of the tower, being released only in 2014.

DP Tour Paris 13all infos: www.tourparis13.fr

photos by: Pedro Seixo Rodrigues + Lara Seixo Rodrigues

curator of the portuguese group _ Lara Seixo Rodrigues
production by Lara Seixo Rodrigues _ 2013 . january | october
works _ 2013 . april | august
opening _ 2013 . october . 01

WOOL curating FUSING

And this summer we saw WOOL divided into different cities at the same time! While Pantónio was at Fundão, working in several walls at ‘Festival Cale’ (something you gonna see next), we were also at Figueira da Foz, curating all the urban art actions at Fusing Culture Experience festival!

We spent there 10 days, working in 5 different walls through all city, with Mário Belém, Add Fuel, Kruella d’Enfer, Eime and a special guest, Samina!

Master Corleone was there also painting a Mini and Eime managed to give a stencil workshop!

But after 2 months we still not have the final pics of the walls (sorry!)… sooooo, we gonna leave you with lot’s of pics of the working process, that we had the pleasure to share with a lot of talented guys, like FAHR 021.3, Ana Aragão, and our lovely assistents! =)

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