extra WOOL - PROMO 02SAMINA is the first highlight of this EXTRA WOOL!

He will work in the historic city center (Rua das Portas do Sol No. 87) and there he will leave his unique brand, a work that looks for different and exciting ways to express his vision of space and that constantly challenges the technique of stencil, resulting in complex and exciting works, which also reflect the conflict between the rigid geometry and natural way of being human.

A work that beacon from its roots in architecture, his interest in graphic design and years of constant search for something new on the streets of Lisbon.

Since 2010, he has collaborated with countless artists in several outstanding projects that took place in countries like Spain, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Turkey and India.

PT | SAMINA é o primeiro dos destaques deste EXTRA WOOL!

Ele irá trabalhar bem no centro histórico da cidade (Rua das Portas do Sol nº 87) e por lá deixará a sua marca única, um trabalho que procura diferentes e empolgantes formas de expressar a sua visão de espaço e que permanentemente desafia a técnica do stencil, resultando em obras complexas e emocionantes, que reflectem igualmente o conflito entre a geometria rígida e a forma natural do ser humano.

Um trabalho que se baliza entre as suas raízes na Arquitectura, o seu interesse pelo Design Gráfico e os anos de constante procura de algo novo pelas ruas de Lisboa.

Desde 2010, colaborou com inúmeros artistas em vários projectos de destaque que decorreram em países com Espanha, França, Países Baixos, Brasil, Turquia e Índia.


And between the 19th and 25th of october we return no Covilhã with EXTRA WOOL, just to do what we love with 2 of the best: Pantónio and SAMINA !! Stay tuned because we’ll be posting all the information the parallel activities!

a huge thanks to HomemBala for the promo video!

LATA 65 | Mutualista Covilhanense

LATA 65 was invited by Mutualista Covilhanense to hold a workshop with their residents and users of the day center.

The aim was to give some color to the recently restored courtyard and leave own mark on the place.

In this action, we benefited from the presence of the Associated Press (Helena Alves and Armando Franca) that led the LATA 65 again to the world.

Here you can see the great video made during the 2 days workshop.

a (6) b c e g i j m q s u vphotos by | Lara Seixo Rodrigues / LATA 65 and Armando França