SUPPORT our project LATA 65

IMG_9680A lot of people is asking for our badges, so we think this is the best way of getting more SUPPORT for LATA 65, which just means: doing more and more workshops for our oldies!

How to get yours (informação em português abaixo):

step 01 _ choose the quantity of badges you want to receive (and maybe, offer to your family and friends!!) _ info of prices on the image below!

step 02 _ send us an e-mail (to: saying the quantity you decided to received and we will send you a PAYPAL invoice
_ or make the payment by bank transfer with the our iban / swift: PT50 0035 0150 0006 7898 1309 1 / CGDIPTPL (send proof for us)

step 03 _ open the package and proudly wear your badge, with the certainty that you’ll be helping a whole (huge and valuable) generation, to the discovery of a new art, a new activity, a new city!

LATA 65 - banner apoio 3
PT | muita gente perguntou por eles, por isso achamos que esta é a melhor forma de obter APOIO para o LATA 65, o que simplesmente quer dizer: fazer mais e mais workshops para os nossos velhinhos!!

Como obteres o teu crachá:

passo 01 _ escolher a quantidade de crachás que desejas receber (e quem sabe, distribuir por toda a família e amigos!!) _ informação dos preços na imagem acima)

passo 02 _ fazer o pagamento por transferência bancária para o nib: 0035 0150 0006 7898 1309 1 (Lara Seixo Rodrigues – Mistaker Maker_Associação de Intervenção Criativa)

passo 03 _ enviar o comprovativo de pagamento para, com o nome e morada em que desejas receber ‘o teu apoio’

passo 04 _ abrir o pacote e usar orgulhosamente o teu crachá, com a certeza de que estarás a ajudar toda uma (imensa e valiosa) geração, na descoberta de uma nova arte, de uma nova actividade, de uma nova cidade!

LATA 65 is being discovered worldwide

The last couple of weeks have been like crazy! LATA 65 is being discovered worldwide and we can find articles about our Urban Art Workshop for Seniors everywhere! 🙂

The list of countries where we ‘find us’ is endless:


(see all the press clipping here)

117 - catraca livre 1 138 - focuSur 01 139 - l'avenir net 141 - widewalls 01 144 - studentJob espana 146 - mise en scene 147 - now trending 151 - ufunk net 152 - solidarity4all grecia 158 - europafm romenia 159 - kulturologia russia 160 - radiomof mk (macedonia) 161 - playtusu com (turquia) 167 - marpeople com russia

WOOL ON RESIDENCE | group show at Porto

The Exhibition of WOOL ON RESIDENCE at Maus Hábitos, has inaugurated on the past 28th of april, at Porto. You can visit the exhibition till 11th of april!

We leave here the pictures of the exhibition, and a thank you to Maus Hábitos, by the partnership.

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WOOL ON RESIDENCE | group show at Porto

The Exhibition of WOOL ON RESIDENCE at MAUS HÁBITOS – Cultural Intervention Space, will open on the next day 28th of march.

Not to miss, between 28th of march and 11th of april!!

Check the event here.


WOOL @ Google Art Project

and it’s with great pride that we announce that from this moment the WOOL is partner of the Google Art Project and all platforms that are being launch today !!

With us we take also 147 projects, 8 national and international cities, 40 portuguese artists and 16 international artists !!

You can check it all here:

Our thanks to all who believe in this project, which today stands out as the big platform for the promotion and enhancement of the Portuguese Urban Art! <3

WOOL @ GOOGLE art project

WOOL ON RESIDENCE | group show at Lagos

The Exhibition of WOOL ON RESIDENCE at LAR Gallery, a partnership with LAC – laboratory of creative activities, was in Lagos between 6th of february and 6th of march.

We leave here now the pictures of the exhibition, and a huge thank you to LAC, by the great partnership.

The next stop of the WOOL ON RESIDENCE exhibition will be at Maus Hábitos, Porto, and will inaugurate at 28th of march.

Soon we’ll give all the informations about it!

IMG_7284 1 2 3 4 5 6

photos by Pedro Seixo Rodrigues.

WOOL ON RESIDENCE | group show at Lagos

The Exhibition of WOOL ON RESIDENCE at LAR Gallery, a partnership with LAC – laboratory of creative activities, has inaugurated on the past 6th of February.

Not to miss, between the 6th of February and 6th of March!!


WOOL | XIX Colóquio Juvenil de Arte

WOOL was invited to presents itself at the XIX Youth Colloquium of Art, organized this year by the Campos Melo Secondary School (Covilhã). The event will be held in the next 12th of February, at 10am, at UBI – Universidade da Beira Interior (Auditorium of the Solemn Sessions).

(versão em português abaixo)


PT | Na próxima quinta-feira, dia 12 de Fevereiro, pelas 10h, o WOOL irá marcar presença no XIX Colóquio Juvenil de Arte, que este ano é organizado pela Escola Secundária Campos Melo (Covilhã). O evento irá decorrer no Auditório das Sessões Solenes da UBI – Universidade da Beira Interior.