exhibition, public art event


Paris (13th District), France


Curation + Co-production


Galerie Itinerrance (France)


Add FuelPT, AkaCorleonePT, Daniel EimePT, Kruella d’EnferPT, Mário BelémPT, GonçaloMarPT, PantónioPT, Paulo ArraianoPT, SaminaPT, VhilsPT and ±MaisMenos±PT




+ 30.000


Under the invitation of Galerie Itinerrance, Lara Seixo Rodrigues elected and challenged a group of portuguese street artists to take part of this amazing project, the biggest street art show ever made, taking place at Paris (13th

And after 4 ‘artistic visits’ to the tower and hard months of silence, in October we finally could reveal all there was inside it. A real ‘Tower of Babel’ with more than 100 artists involved, from 16 different nationalities, that worked during months in the 36 apartments, divided in 10 floors.

With regard to portuguese artists, all placed in the 2nd floor, we had there Add Fuel, AkaCorleone, Daniel Eime, Kruella d’Enfer, Mário Belém, Mar, Pantónio, Paulo Arraiano, Samina, Vhils e ±MaisMenos±.

All the works by the portuguese entourage and all the rest, could only be seen for 30 days and after that all the tower was destroyed!

Artist: Add FuelPT _ “Désintégration”
Artist: Daniel EimePT
Artist: GonçaloMarPT
Artist: Mário BelémPT _ “Qui tas vu ate qui te voi”
Artist: PantónioPT
Artist: Paulo ArraianoPT
Artist: ±MaisMenos±PT
Artist: VhilsPT
Artists: Kruella d’EnferPT & AkaCorleonePT
Artist: SaminaPT
Photo Credit: Pedro Seixo RodriguesPT and Lara Seixo RodriguesPT (opening and exhibition) | Video Credits: Thomas LallierFR