WOOL x Coimbra

community project, site specific intervention


Coimbra, Portugal


Curation + Co-production


Câmara Municipal de Coimbra – Divisão de Acção Social e Família


Add FuelPT



“Thank you for making our city more beautiful”, said a Coimbra native while passing by one of the murals.

Integrated with a social initiative led by the Coimbra Municipal Council, which had the goal of bringing the city’s inhabitants closer to their city, we invited the artist Add Fuel to create a stencil mural inspired by the remains of an old tile floor located next to this wall.

In addition to the reinterpretation of traditional tiles that characterises Add Fuel’s work, this mural also contains the message “tem sempre encanto” (always has charm), a play on words that attempts to contradict a local fado song that describes the city as having the most charm when bidding it farewell. This play on words held even more meaning after the mural was finished, being the first-ever in Coimbra, and we understood its impact on the dilapidated historical centre and the city’s inhabitants. A charm that stays on for those who live there.

Mural: Add FuelPT _ “Tem sempre encanto”
Photo Credit: Pedro Seixo RodriguesPT