María Esther Gutiérrez MoránES



“Can Urban Art be a public policy instrument for the development of territories?”


14th of JUNE
14h30 > 16h00
CIEC – Centro de Inovação Empresarial da Covilhã _ Rua António Angusto Aguiar, 60

Vicepresidenta Primera de Territorio, Igualdad y Cultura de la Diputación de Cáceres (ES)

Born in Zarza la Mayor, a town in the province of Cáceres located in the Luso-Spanish border area, she is a physical education teacher.
From a very young age, she has shown an active social involvement in her municipality, becoming an advisor to the President in 2003 and President from 2007 to 2015. During these two terms in office, she was appointed Provincial Deputy, reconciling her political position with her role as a teacher at the school where she teaches.
Subsequently, she was National Secretary for Education and Employment in the Regional Government of Extremadura (Junta de Extremadura) from 2015 to 2023.
Since 2023, she has headed up the areas of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Equality and Social Policies and Culture and Sport in the Cáceres Regional Government, which includes the Critical Wall project.
She is a strong supporter of the rural world, where she continues to live, and the opportunities it offers to develop a quality life project.
She is committed to continuing to support the Muro Crítico project, as an example of how a public institution contributes to the universalisation of culture in its different manifestations, bringing it closer to small municipalities so that the entire population can have access to, create and share art, regardless of where they live.

Muro Crítico is a project that aims to promote dialogue between art and the rural environment as a way of raising awareness.
We understand art as materialized in the creation of murals of different artistic styles with the aim of offering a varied and representative sample of the different currents that coexist in urban art. We are committed to the careful selection of our team of artists, whose experience and trajectory are our guarantee of a good result. We can assume that Muro Crítico is a quality project in which each mural is a singular and unique work of art, inspired by rural identity and the desire for a better society.
In each edition, the festival visits villages in the province of Cáceres where urban art murals are created over the course of a week. The close-knit atmosphere of our villages makes it possible for neighbors and creators to truly meet, and these experiences of art and simplicity enrich us, the towns and the artists.
Through the murals, we want to create a space for reflection and dialogue. The problems of our society, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, human rights and the revindication of the identity of the rural world are some of the sources of inspiration that our artists draw on to create their critical murals.