Continuing the mission of cultural decentralization, inclusion and social and territorial cohesion through Art and Culture, which is WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art, and which, year after year, has proven its uniqueness and is of the utmost relevance for the projection, development and sustainability of the territory at local, regional and national level, but also internationally, in a unique context of Urban Art, the organization assumes in this 2024 edition, its 11th edition, a necessary and desirable development, growth and expansion of the initiative.

Maintaining its fundamental programmatic axes, which merge and/or combine different dimensions, such as: territory, past and present, memory, identity, visitation, technology, innovation, research, intervention, community, participation, among others, WOOL 2024 will present a multidisciplinary program of intense creation and occupation of public space, with the ambition of continuing to be an example of the transformation of territory and community through Art.


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